What is The Japan Foundation?

The Japan Foundation was established in October, 1972 as a specialized and the core agency that is responsible for Japanese international cultural exchange. The agency was transformed into the independent administrative institution (under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) on October 1st, 2003. In 2004, The Japan Foundation reformed its organization according to the following sectoral programs and since then, it has been developing into more comprehensive and effective international cultural exchange programs, such as:

Three fields of Japan Foundation's activities


Message from Director General

Everyone, thank you for waiting a very long time !

I am so glad to be able to resume the website of The Japan Foundation, Jakarta after about a year. As it is in The Japan Foundation's mission, we aim to create our website that enables us to gain more friends of Japan in Indonesia.

Thanks to you, our facebook fanpage, which is The Japan Foundation, Jakarta, has been viewed by many fans. We will do our best to offer useful information as much as we do in our facebook, so please do follow us.

Warm regards,

Tsukamoto Norihisa