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The Japan Foundation, Jakarta

The Japan Foundation, Jakarta has been doing 4 types of major activities, which are (1) Execution of programs oriented by the headquarters of the Japan Foundation, (2) Execution of our center’s own programs contributing to introduction of Japanese culture or exchange activities, (3) Support and cooperation to external organizations, (4) Research and collection of information, and provision of those results.

(1) Execution of programs oriented by the headquarters of the Japan Foundation

We execute each types of programs implemented by the headquarters of the Japan Foundation (arts and cultural exchange, Japanese-language education, Japanese studies/intellectual exchange, Asia Center’s programs) by receiving those programs and coordinating locally and handling administration concerning invitation for Indonesian public figures, intellectuals, scholars, etc. to Japan.

(2) Execution of our center’s own programs contributing to introduction of Japanese culture or exchange activities

We plan and execute programs of introducing Japanese arts and culture, or contributing to human exchange between Japanese and Indonesian people by holding lecturers, exhibitions, cinema shows, Japanese tea ceremony or flower arrangement classes, rental of cultural equipments, etc. with making use of our center’s facilities or external facilities. We also hold Japanese language classes. We own 19,757 books of relating to Japan in Japanese, English and Indonesian languages as well as 1,904 items of Japanese magazines, audio and visual materials (video, CD, DVD) as a specialized library for Japan. The collection of books are on view to the public, and the visitors amount to approximately 10,000 per year.

(3) Support and cooperation to external organizations

We give various types of support (sharing the financial fund, cooperation in public relations, rental equipments, grants of sponsorship title, etc.) as a co-sponsor to programs organized by external organizations in the category of arts and culture, Japanese-language education and Japanese studies/intellectual exchange.

(4) Research and collection of information and provision of those results, etc.

Obtaining cooperation from local institutes, we execute research on Japanese language education, institutes of Japanese studies and others. In addition to that, we also correspond to various inquiries from both Japan and Indonesia with regard to cultural exchange programs. We also receive visits of junior and senior high school students (school visits), and 1,000 students per year visit our center.

Member of staff
Number of the staff: 82 (as of April, 2017)

Summitmas I Lt. 2-3, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Kav. 61-62 Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

The History
1974    The office opened in Jakarta
1979    The office expanded
1985    The office moved to Summitmas Building
1996    The office expanded (into the present scale)
2014     Asia Center Project commenced
Director General Tsukamoto Norihisa

[Opening hours]
Weekday: 9:30-18:00
Saturday: The first, third & fifth Saturdays of every month 9:00-12:30
Holiday: Wednesday and Sunday
Holiday of Jakarta Japan Culture Center: The second & fourth
Saturdays of every month

Viewing AV materials and fotocopy service are not available between 12:00-14:00

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